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HTC to launch a 5G smartphone; Do you still care about HTC smartphones?

HTC to launch a 5G smartphone; Do you still care about HTC smartphones?

by Matthew John AlexFebruary 24, 2020

Nigeria is yet to receive a 5G smartphone but the questions is, do we have a Network company that offers 5G in Nigeria? Yes, we do. MTN is the first Telecom company that launched a 5G network in Nigeria but it is still in process when it comes to consumer usage.

Now to the main topic of this article, HTC, like HTC? Yeah, HTC. Its been a while since I last saw a premium HTC mobile phone with someone in Nigeria compared to back in the days where Nigerians use HTC phones that are costly and are of the same category as Samsung and iPhone at the time. Those days are before the rise of Chinese brands like Xiaomi, Huawei, Tecno and others in Africa and especially here in the west.

HTC has announced the launch of a 5G smartphone and it will be hot. Part of HTC has been bought by Google and for that reason, the story is set to change. Over the years, HTC has recorded low sales of smartphones and has also withdrawn its coverage from some countries which have now been taken over by some Chinese brand smartphone mostly here in Nigeria, the likes of Tecno, Xiaomi, Huawei has taken over when it comes to what the majority are using.

Last year was dry for the camera smartphone maker not because of not releasing a device, but it was about who cares about what they release. HTC U11 series smartphones were great with transparent back cover and very good up to task dual camera.

The company has now decided to focus on releasing budget devices called the wildfire, and its Exodus Blockchain smartphones which have been doing great, though I know some of us to have no idea of these devices you will see them soon in Africa.


Going over to the 5G smartphone, according to the CEO, the company will release a device but we don’t have a name or any information about the upcoming HTC 5G smartphone, and obviously, it will be their premium device in 2020. The company is far behind when it comes to the 5G, the likes of Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, OnePlus and VIVO have released their 5G smartphone and Sony and Motorola are on the way of picking up the rest in the first quarter.

Will, you still buy an HTC smartphone since part of the company is now owned by Google. HTC was behind Google’s Pixel 2, Pixel X and XL and was the first company to make a commercial android phone according to the wired.

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