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Xiaomi Mi Band 4 review: The best cheapest fitness band

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 review: The best cheapest fitness band

by Matthew John AlexNovember 19, 2019

Mi band 4 by Xiaomi is a good piece that you might need for your daily activities and health check probably. The Mi Band 4 features the same design as the Mi Band 3 but here is why I can suggest you swap or change from version 3 to version 4. Xiaomi release budget wears every year to give users something to rely upon if the Apple, Samsung, Google, Huawei, and other high-end smartwatches cannot be afforded, the Mi Band 4 is a good deal if you need a well-equipped mid-range wear.

Let’s start off by talking about the design, not so different from the Mi Band 3 as stated, but there is a little difference from the shape and size of the button located at the bottom. The Mi Band 4 has a smaller button that level with the body compared to the Mi Band 3.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 review: The best cheapest fitness band 29

The Great colourful display is another feature that will interest you, the Mi Band 4 features an amazing 0.95 AMOLED display that makes it better than other fitness or smartwatch at the mid-range level. Users get to experience a good brightness level of up to 400nits which is a plus because you won’t have to stress your eyes to operate the Mi Band 4 in a well sunny area and also the resolution is something to take home and be happy about, we have a 240 x 120 display resolution which makes it larger than the Mi Band 3 and has room for customization.

Another change I noticed is the magnetic connect that hook up to the charging cradle, it is now moved to the backside just below the sensor that measures heart rate.

What can I do with the Mi Band 4

Well, there are lots of things that can be done or achieved with the Mi Band 4, the smart Band houses a heart rate sensor that helps monitor your heart rate, helps you monitor your sleep, gives you an insight of the calories burned during an activity like swimming. Mi Band 4 is designed to handle water up to 50m and it has a 6-axis accelerometer, they also went ahead to include new workout activities like outdoor running, cycling, walking (to monitor steps taken every day), treadmill, swimming and most interesting is the swimming.

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According to androidcentral review of the Mi Band 4, users can set pool size, and the device can identify various strokes as you swim and then measures the stroke rate alongside distance covered and the calories that were burned during the activity.

Mi Band 4 can be used to receive calls, view notifications, set alarms, and reminders but it disappointing how it can’t be used for music control, but the good is, users can go ahead and customize alert for individual applications and also block alerts or notifications from apps that irritates you with notification.

What are the health benefits?

Well, the benefits have been discussed above but let me just add this. Users get a function that allows them to set a time frame for when their heart should be read, it could be in an interval of an hour, 30min, 20min or just maybe 5min. The device also helps monitor sleep in a cool way, imagine you have someone that helps you score your rest and sleep on daily bases and then monitor your heart rate while sleeping, won’t you be more happy about your health than you are now? 

Mi Band 4 helps do all that, it monitors users’ heart rate while sleeping (can be done in the setting, it not by default), monitors either a short/light sleep or heavy/deep one and then score your sleep in percentage (100%) and the heart rate sensor works in the daylight at all times (automatic).

There is an app called Mi Fit which is what Xiaomi has based their bands on, Mi Fit app allows users to change settings and perform other functions like sync fitness data. Mi Fit experienced a little change on the Mi Band 4. The app now has so much to offer with the new interface that has updated option compared to the Mi Fit on the version 3, and users can now sync their fitness data with Google Fit which is awesome.

How much is the Mi Band 4

Mi Band 4 is one of the most cheapest best fitness band you will get out there with cool features to offer, It costs just 16,000 Naira which is, however, a good deal. 

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