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win Samsung A7 2018

win Samsung A7 2018

by Matthew John AlexJanuary 25, 2019

Stand a chance to win Samsung A7 2018 edition with 3C HUB

I had a post on Samsung product, Samsung A7 (2018) which happens to be the first Samsung to sports triple awesome rear camera and a dual front snapper making it one of the best devices in 2018 at the mid-range level to have the best camera tech in Nigeria.

I have a piece of good news for my readers, Samsung had just got into a partnership deal with our very own local gadgets store, 3C HUB. This partnership deal will allow Samsung to have all their products in all 3C HUB outlets which is a good one in the sense that, buyers get to buy genuine Samsung gadgets and accessories at a cheaper or lowest and competitive prices on all Samsung devices featured in the store.

3C HUB didn’t just stop there guys, they are awarding to the public the Samsung A7 2018. Stand a chance to win the super camera and heavy tasking device by following just these simple social instruction in this and here is a tip; the higher the points you gather as a result of the entries unlocked, the more chances you get to take your photography lifestyle to the next level with the A7 2018 and please use a chrome browser or high opera mode..Good luck guys !!!

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