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Realme to launch phones with quad camera

Realme to launch phones with quad camera

by Matthew John AlexAugust 12, 2019

Realme will be launching new smartphones with quad camera and 64MP lens, making it the first in India.

The phones to be launched are three in numbers with three cameras on the back according to Realme CEO-Madhav Sheth.

According to the update, only the Realme 5 which is the master of all three phones to be released will be getting the 64MP camera lens which will be using Samsung ISOCELLGWI sensor and it will be called the Realme 5.

The three devices will not be from same family, it will be shared across Realme series of smartphones which are three in total- Realme series, Realme X series and Realme Pro series, and they will be launched before 27th of October.

Realme phones

The brand CEO, Madhav Sheth released these images to show the pixel binning and while the tweet talks about 64MP (resulting in a 16MP after binning), the shot itself is 12MP, which totally means it was shot with a 48MP camera lens, and possibly, that will be the resolution of the Realme 5 Pro and Realme X.

The three camera setups is said to feature a 2x telephoto lens, an ultra-wide camera at 119 degrees, and a dedicated macro camera lens for taking shot from 4cm/1.5m away.

Realme to launch phones with quad camera 38

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