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PUBG Mobile Artic Mode will go live on the 16th of April: Here is what you need to know

PUBG Mobile Artic Mode will go live on the 16th of April: Here is what you need to know

by Matthew John AlexApril 15, 2020

Here is for the gamers, the popular adventure game is known as PUBG Mobile has announced a new game mode for its user to enjoy their lockdown and quarantine. The new game mode will be made active on the 16th of April and it is called the “Arctic Mode“.

A glance of how the Artic Mode will look like was seen online on IG, Twitter and FB a while back and now it is confirmed the mode will be available. According to the report, the update will be free for all players on both Android and IOS.

It will be set and played in the Vikendi map and according to the teaser description, players will be required to maintain their body temperature through various means for survival.

According to the report on Gadget360, PUBG Mobile will be made available in the EvoGround game-mode screen selection screen and that it will be taken place as mentioned above in the Vikendi Map which is already made available as the snow map.

Features like the meter that will always show players’ body temperature since their lives in the game depend on it will be shown and players will fight each other who are trying to hunt for resources and the ones trying to loot.

Drones will be available to spy on other players which is similar to what we have on Call of duty Mobile, a snowboard for a bigger battleground advantage and you should get ready for multiple large storms so players should always keep a tab on the timer in order to be ready before it hits by protecting yourself.

The below-listed info’s are means of how PUBG Mobile players will maintain their body temperature;

  • Players will have to hunt wild chickens for meat, then cook it, and consume it to reinstate body temperature back to normal.
  • Heaters and some other health packs can be used to restore the temperature.
  • And finally, all players will have access to an indoor fire, they will have to look for branches to keep the fire alive.
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