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Moto Edge plus Review in Nigeria: is it worth it?

Moto Edge plus Review in Nigeria: is it worth it?

by May 8, 2020

6.7-inch OLED
(2340x1080; 90 Hz)


Snapdragon 865






Wireless charging

Front Camera


Back camera

108MP wide (ƒ/1.8)
16MP ultrawide (ƒ/2.2)
8MP 3x telephoto (ƒ/2.4)
Time-of-flight VGA


Android OS v10

Dimension and weight

Size: 6.34 x 2.81 x 0.37 inches
Weight: 7.16 ounces

Headphone jack


SD expansion


Motorola is back with its Premium smartphone and I present to you, the Moto Edge+. Motorola went on a solo after the release of their folding smartphone called the Moto RAZR which costs about $1500 which is approximately N600,000 and lots of budgets smartphones.

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The box above contains the primary specifications of the Moto Edge+

This article was not based on the experience of me handling the phone, it is based on the experience of Marques Brownlee (MKBHD ) with the phone, literally, this article will save you from watching the video but if you still want to, it is below.

Ok lets get to it.

Motorola came back with a bang on this one but we all know it can never be perfect but yeah it did great somehow. Starting with the design.

Moto Edge+ Review in Nigeria
Image credit: Tom’s Guide


The Moto Edge+ has a very nice built quality, it is made up of metal and glass material just like other premium/flagship devices out there, a curve in the top and bottom rails and not to forget, the phone looks really thick on the hand.

Woah, we have a traditional headphone jack on a premium smartphone? that’s great, we have a speaker at the bottom, a TYPE-C USB port, SIM Trail port, and the mic.


We have a 6.7-inch massively curved display with 2340 x 1080p resolution, HDR10+ feature, and 90Hz refresh rate.

Moto Edge+ display falls around the edges which makes it a waterfall display just like what we have on Huawei Mate 30 Pro. The display is so curved to the point that it pushes the power button and other buttons from the center a little below, and that reminds me, all buttons are on one side.

Moto Edge plus Review in Nigeria: is it worth it? 45
Image credit @MKBHD

Another thing is when you shake the Moto Edge+, it makes some rattling noise like something is broken inside the device or probably the buttons are not fit into their spaces but that wasn’t the case.

The sound was caused by the huge lens placed inside the phone and Samsung Galaxy S20 makes the same noise which by my source has the same sort of camera system but do not worry about it as it is just a thing as cameras lens are getting bigger.

We are still on the display, Motorola engineers took their time to design the display, I’ll admit it is a nice artwork. The smartphone was named Moto Edge+ meaning it all about the display design, others are added premium values but is it worth the extra cost for a smartphone?

We have some edge display features that look promising on devices with 90-degree waterfall display like the screen edges glow when a notification comes in when an alarm goes off and e.t.c

Moto Edge plus Review in Nigeria: is it worth it? 46
Image credit @MKBHD

To me, it is not worth it, but don’t get me wrong, the display looks cool and it has features that make accidental touches on the edges countless but with what is below, it’s not.

The fingerprint sensor under the screen is the worst and slowest ever, according to MKBHD. So you see, let’s move on.


Moto Edge plus runs on Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 power with 12GB of RAM, that is huge. Games and operations on this device run very fast and smooth, launching apps are made easy and it is expected, who would experience lagging with a device with 12GB of RAM.

The device is equipped with 256GB of internal storage and it can be further expanded using a memory card.


Well, in this area, I will give it 4.5 stars. The battery life of the Moto Edge+ is great with a 5,000mAh battery capacity, fast charging, and wireless charging technology.

The good news is, it can last you through the day on heavy usage because the screen consumes less power (1080p) and it makes lots of sense why they put a big power cell on the phone, it is because the Moto Edge+ is 5G Oriented. So, kudos.

Can we move to the Moto Edge+ Cameras?

Yes please, we have a triple back camera on the back of the device and the camera bump still did great even with the thickness of the Moto Edge+. The main camera shooter is a 108MP lens, yeah I know, it is huge but it is not the first, we have seen that number on devices like the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, Mi Note 10 and Xiaomi wrap around display smartphone, MI ALHA.

Moto Edge+ Review in Nigeria
Image credit @MKBHD

The second camera lens is an 8MP 3X telephoto lens follow by a 16MP ultra-wide camera lens, and we have an added bonus camera lens that is found above the lens, a 3D TOF lens for depth sensing (portrait shots).

The photo quality produced by the lens is similar to the ones produced by Samsung premium devices, the colors are quite nice, and as we expect, the shots are very detailed, Dynamic ranges are cool and with auto-HDR, you’ll get a crisp shot.

And with more exposure to sunlight or enough artificial light, you will get more of the lens but we have a problem, we always do. This problem is caused by the huge shaky sensor ad the super shallow depth of field that comes with it especially when you take closer range shots, although they look cool at times, but, it’s up to a certain limit.

Another problem is the viewfinder of Motorola, like why do you have to make it like that Moto. Ok, let’s get to it.

The viewfinder on the Moto Edge+ sharpens the craps out of shots taken, like when you edit an image and set the sharpen feature to %100, exactly the way it looks. It also gives a different look after taking the shots, like what you see is not what you get and but this only happens with the viewfinder feature, so when you miss focus, you just have to take the shot again to get the focus.

Moto Edge plus Review in Nigeria: is it worth it? 47
Image credit: Tom’s Guide

On the front is a 25MP selfie camera which is pretty amazing, trust me. The front camera lets in more light by using Quad-pixel binning which lets users take colorful shots.

What reason is there to buy MOTO EDGE+ IN NIGERIA for 389,999 Naira

Ok, to sum it all up, Apple’s iPhone 11 is sold for less with nice camera features, A13 Bionic chip but I’ll understand if you don’t like Apple products, but the OnePlus 8 Pro is lesser in price to Moto Edge Plus and they have almost the same specs. Here is why I am bringing this up.

OnePlus 8 Pro has almost the same camera system with the Moto Edge+ but a better display with higher resolution and refresh rate, not too curved screen which is better depending on your taste for screen design, cleaner software, much faster charging, better in-display fingerprint reader, no bloatware, and fast software updates. The only downside is the smaller battery capacity but it’s great.


Nice display
Good performance
Headphone jack is a bonus
Booming audio technology
Good camera
Supports mmWave 5G


Slow software update schedule
No IP water resistance rating
Slow charging technology
Slow fingerprint reader

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So in my respective opinion, Motorola made a very wonderful smartphone but selling it for N389,999 ??, well it's up to you and I know they won't stop trying out flagships but I hope they are coming out strong as there are other products better than the Moto Egde+ which are lesser in price.

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