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Lenovo HT10 Pro earbuds to be launched with new EQ technology

Lenovo HT10 Pro earbuds to be launched with new EQ technology

by Matthew John AlexFebruary 19, 2020

Lenovo has announced the release of their earbud for the first quarter of the year, and guess what? It is the Lenovo HT10 Pro earbuds. The HTO 10 earbuds is an upgrade to the initial Lenovo HT10 Pro earbuds which was launched last year in September in India and it was one of the cheapest earbuds that was launched last year.

Lenovo HT10 Pro earbuds are to feature an EQ technology that is normally found on high-end headphones but Lenovo has taken it into consideration to put it on Lenovo HT10 Pro earbuds. The function of the EQ technology is to practically enhance the user experience when listening to sounds of different types, either from watching a movie or a song which is done by switching modes.

The EQ technology has two modes which are the “pure mode” and “Extra bass mode” which allows users to shuffle between sound frequencies easily by pressing a single a button on the Lenovo HT10 Pro earbuds. 

Other features of the Lenovo HT10 Pro earbuds include;

Bluetooth v5.0 (20 metre range)
Audio playtime48hrs
Standby time 200 hours standby time
Power BackupYes
Chipset Qualcomm 3020 chipset
Design Ergonomic
Price20,000 Naira (Might change)
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