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iPhone SE Review: It’s worth it

iPhone SE Review: It’s worth it

by April 23, 2020

4.7-inch Retina display


A13 Bionic Chip






Below 2400mAh

Front Camera


Back camera



IOS 13

Headphone jack


SD expansion


Ok, this is the iPhone SE review in Nigeria and the question is if it is worth it? On our first impression on the device, we concluded that the iPhone SE is just a replica of the iPhone 8 and that is why it comes cheap.

Literally what Apple did was to save the cost of producing another special edition iPhone by just adopting the old iPhone 8 body, put in a new chip, and improve some its function to make it different from the original. How smart of them.

The race to join the budget phone market has once failed but I guess they came back with a whole new idea to join the race, and it will work with the iPhone SE 2020.

In Nigeria, how would we view the iPhone SE? like a brand new iPhone that costs 150,000 Naira for the 64GB version and it is an upgrade of the iPhone 8 with the chip of an iPhone 11, I’m saying it is a good deal.

If you ask anyone what they cared about in phone, it would probably be the following;

  • Good design
  • Good display
  • Good battery
  • Good performance
  • Good camera

The good news is that the new iPhone SE in 2020 checks all of that above, so it is just so right to do well in the budget market, but it has some its issues too, they all do.

iPhone SE Display Review
gotten from Engadget

We don’t need to discuss too much about the device because we are already familiar with the iPhone 8, we will just talk about its improvement.

You can check the specs of the iPhone SE in our first impression.

iPhone SE Display Review

The display of the iPhone SE is a good one, not an OLED display but it is crystal clear. However, the brightness of the device is not up to what I expected, using the phone under sunlight might be a bit of a problem as you will have to stress your sight.

Another issue I have is no high refresh rate as we have on other Android budget phones like the Poco X2, no double-tap feature to wake up the device which is kind of a bump to me though, I have to press the power button all the time to wake up the phone like it might be stressful at times.

Anything else about the display is great, big bezel? most people do not care, so yeah.

iPhone SE CAMERA Review

The camera is another area I am most interested in. The question, is it the same single camera used on the iPhone 8 or the main camera of the iPhone 11? well according to my source, Apple has failed to give an answer to that.

Ok Apple, no problem at all. But the thing is, to be honest, the camera is good for the price. I would have loved it more if it is a double camera design so we could have probably a wide-angle or telephoto lens but I guess it is saved for the iPhone SE Plus.


The output of the shots taken on the iPhone SE is similar to the shots seen on most iPhone starting from iPhone 8 and above once the lens is exposed to much natural light. And with the A13 Bionic chip, the device has camera enhancement features as we have on iPhone 11.

The bad news guys, there is no night mode on the iPhone SE but overall rating, it is above average for that price. To the selfie camera, I can’t actually tell if the lens is the same as the one used on the iPhone 8, but it is as good as it.

Are you a beginner in Vlogging or you record videos from time to time? well, this is good for you. The video quality is the best you will get on any budget smartphone. Users get to record a 4K video @30fps with good color, detailed objects, good stabilization, nice focus so you don’t need Ak video or any other extra features or mode, this one is rock solid.


Yeah, we have the A13 Bionic processor found on the premium iPhone 11 series and to be real, they don’t have to because of the extra RAM but I am glad they did. Users get a 3GB RAM with 64GB, 128GB and 256GB internal storage. The operations on the device are pretty swift, moving from app to app is like sucking water with a straw.

The use of the A13 Bionic chip will help in making the battery life stronger, so is it strong? yes, it is, with a 720p and low brightness display on the Chipset used on a large crisp display of an iPhone 11, it is guaranteed.

There is also wireless charging technology thanks to the glass back, it is not very fast but it still gets the job done. So overall performance gets a thumbs up.

iPhone SE Price in Nigeria

The price of iPhone SE in Nigeria is 150,000 Naira for the 64GB version, a buyer will have to pay an extra 20,000 Naira for the 128GB and an extra 50,000 Naira for the 256GB version.


Good imaging process
Good performance
Durable battery life
water and dust resistant
Good display
Wireless charge


Low brightness
No night mode
No fast charge
No camera zoom

Our Rating

A brand new iPhone with a price below 200k that has a wireless charging technology, good quality camera, good battery life, nice simple design, water, and dust resistant, I could almost say we can never get this from Apple in our entire life. This is Apple's most affordable iPhone at the moment and this could be the best budget device of the year.

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