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Instagram to hide likes and views on posts
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People can get really addicted to social media likes especially on big apps like Instagram and Facebook instead of creating good and more engaging contents.

This has become really unhealthy and Facebook own app has rolled out a test in some countries and hopefully, it will go global after the tests are complete.

Lyndi Cohen, an Instagram user who post photos demonstrating the power of living healthy. She is a nutritionist who posts meals she has organized for the week and then moves charmingly to yoga postures.

Lyndi Cohen has developed an unhealthy habit from using the social app (Instagram): Fixating over how many likes she gets on her photos uploaded/shared on Instagram which has made her ask which photos or video to share with her 99k+ followers knowing it is very unhealthy to do so.  

Instagram is now trying to prevent the unhealthy habit from its platform, so people like Cohen and others can take a break from getting more addicted or obsessed with likes on Instagram.  

Instagram to hide likes the likes users get on their post, and also the views on the videos will be hidden from the world, so as no one except you can know how many likes you received on your post or views on the videos shared.

This kind of move is perhaps is a very good one to help people focus more on creating more engaging and good contents rather than chasing likes, and it highlights how the tech companies are taking time to think twice about new features that can cause damages to user’s mental health.

If you are a fan of Pinterest, you’ll see that there is no like button as it was removed in July 2017 and instead, released expressive activities such as practicing gratitude, deep breathing exercise and another app called VSCO which an alternative to Instagram does not display the number of likes a photo gets.

Social Media companies like Facebook knows the move to hide likes and views are good for their business in a way that users will view their platform as a positive place to be, and it could make them want to come back on to their site/app.

instagram to hide likes

To be honest, the idea is great but for some people it not. Facebook said it’s happy by the primary test results. Some of the users who contributed to the test suggest the idea of hiding likes and the view will help user’s mental health on the social platform, while some said it will result to drop-in user engagement, making it stiffer for them to promote products they sell on Instagram.

The feature has been tested in countries like Canada, Brazil, Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, and Australia but nothing has been said about launching the test in the US nor Africa.

A Facebook spokesman said Instagram released the test to “remove the pressure of how many likes a post will receive, which will allow users to share authentically, freely, and comfortably” on the platform.

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