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Huawei is banned from using Android OS

Huawei is banned from using Android OS

by Matthew John AlexMay 23, 2019

The long war between China and US on trade is yet to be settled and Huawei is fully dragged into it. Huawei is the second largest smartphone maker by volume and the CEO Richard Yu told Die Welt that it had a plan B if it comes down to them not being able to use the Android OS on their gadgets. Well, Huawei planned just right.

It was announced a few days ago that the DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE had enacted an import ban against Huawei causing millions of their smartphones to stop getting software updates. The ban wasn’t with an effect so they have until mid-August to roll out their own newly developed OS.

The Huawei OS has been in the development stage for 3 years and the android apps tested on the Huawei own OS is said to be 60% faster and more efficient than Android OS. The Huawei OS will style it way into cars, TV’s, wearables, tablets, smartphones, and other gadgets.

It is still unknown if the Huawei’s newly developed OS will be based on ASOP which is an open-source OS licensed under Google or probably opt in for a runtime Android runtime program like what BB did with their Blackberry 10 OS.  So, Huawei smartphone lovers, get ready for a turning point.

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