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HUAWEI ban keep compiling will Bluetooth be next

HUAWEI ban keep compiling will Bluetooth be next

by Ibrahim AbimbolaMay 31, 2019

As Huawei ban keep compiling within the soil of USA because of the USA trade blacklisting the CHINA trade, of recently Android OS has withdrawn it licenses from Huawei based on this matter, which leaves Huawei no other choice than to announce the progress of their own in-house made operating system which has been in development stage since the last 3 years and it has been proposed to be admirably faster than the Android OS anyways you can read up on that from our previous post (Huawei banned from using Android OS).

However there has been some talks about other companies based in the USA such as Google Arm, Qualcomm, the SD Association, the Wi-Fi Alliance, Carriers, and the USB-IF recently having a meeting to decide the probability of their continued partnership with the Huawei but there seems to be no obvious involvement of the Bluetooth SIG till date which leaves us with the question will Bluetooth be next?

Bluetooth SIG joining Huawei ban

For those who don’t know what Bluetooth SIG is, it is a non-profit corporation headquartered in Washington state, and it holds all the keys to its trademark, closed-source wireless technology, this automatically means every device need permission from the Bluetooth SIG and it requires every product using the technology to go through its certification program.

HUAWEI ban keep compiling will Bluetooth be next

The problem now is that if they get dragged into this, then Huawei product will also have one spanner lost which might certainly endanger the it smartphone business and this corporation isn’t like others it’s one of a kind there is no other back room door to it or let say prototype.

A smartphone without Bluetooth may just sound like the worst thing that can ever happen to a phone because a phone without Bluetooth can’t connect to wireless devices like headsets or speakers, it can’t pair to an in-vehicle infotainment systems and it can’t be used with countless accessories, smart home devices, fitness trackers, or smartwatches, for example Huawei can keep making smartphones without Google’s apps and services – people would probably just abandon most of them anyways but without Bluetooth SIG the company is likely to lose customers which isn’t good for them.

Huawei could try to use the technology without a license in China, where it would enjoy relative immunity from the Bluetooth SIG’s legal attacks, which may only be effective in China but almost certainly not to work in another part of the world where the device is in sales. In this case, if this happens the device will be located and barred from sale.

This organization holds all the cards now, but the only good news here is that the Bluetooth SIG is a non-governmental organization so the only question here now is that will this be enough for Huawei to rely on, we will have to wait and see what will happen when the Bluetooth SIG makes its own comment.

Huawei Bans keep piling up but the question is, can they recover?

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