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How To take good pictures with your smartphone

How To take good pictures with your smartphone

by Matthew John AlexNovember 14, 2018

Learning how to take good pictures with your smartphone is a great deal. Most photographers have turned to mobile smartphones to take good super photos which might even convince you, thinking it was taken using a digital camera.

Today, a photographer named Hernandez shoots with a Google Pixel, the iPhone XS, and the 2016 iPhone SE, which he likes for its smaller size. The simplicity of mobile phones, he says, lets people focus on the most important in a photo: the moment, the subject, and the story.

Talking about taking good photo shots with your camera lens, I dedicated a time to do a research of what is needed to bring out a nice photo after being shot or before it is taken and according to photography experts who have turned to smartphones to take shots because of their flexibility and simplicity, good applications are needed to take good shots and editing the shots taken.

Bringing out good images comes from picking the right apps to edit and take the shots with and you don’t have to worry about your mobile phone being made in 2016 or last year. There are things you can do with your smartphone camera lens like using the touch focus (This requires you to tap on the screen where the object is to make the lens put more focus around it) which really helps in adjusting exposure compensation.

Before opening your Google play-store or Apple store or trying your existing downloaded camera app to do some of the things discussed above and the ones to be discussed below, try playing around with the features in your phone camera app (native app) starting with the contrast tool to brightness, exposure and others that can be found on the native camera app and see if it can bring out what you desire for that particular picture. Shooting with the HDR mode really enhance photos, it brings out the black when the focus works perfectly by tapping on the screen where the object is located.

It is advised to turn off the LED flashlight since a smartphone’s flashlight settings can be unpleasant but Instead, try to time and position your shots and angles so that you can get the best out of natural light. Doing this gives you a more organic and authentic feel offering a bit of sensation to it and flashlight can be useful in a low light environment, but for the most part, more smartphones have been getting better at taking good shots in a low light environment.

Now, listed below are great apps that can be downloaded for free and they also have a pro version but for the regular users who are not into photography, we can always use without porting to the pro version and if need be, go ahead.

 Highlighted are things you can do to get super shots

  • Learn to use HDR mode
  • Try as much as possible to steady your shots so as to get good clear shots and auto-focus works better when your hand is steady.
  • Learn to always use touch focus and also autofocus
  • Taking pictures using Burst mode (Shots can be taken continuously then selected later after shots, the apps listed below supports this mode while some come pre-installed with the native camera app).
  • Trying different editing modes (what you think might not work might actually be the best).
  • Taking shots where natural light often enhances photo quality.

 Best camera apps to take and edit photo shots

  • Adobe Lightroom CC
  • VSCO
  • Snapseed
  • Hipstamatic
  • NOMO
  • Camera MX
  • Camera Zoom FX
  • Candy Camera (Perfect for a selfie)
  • Cymera
  • DSLR Camera
  • Camera360
  • Camera FV-5
  • Z Camera
  • Camera MX
  • Open Camera
All this camera apps listed above are paid for but not expensive, maximum might be 400 Naira to get access to pro features, while some of them are free.
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