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Blogging 103: How to start a blog in Nigeria (2020)

Blogging 103: How to start a blog in Nigeria (2020)

by Matthew John AlexApril 17, 2020

Learning how to start a blog in Nigeria is an easy thing to do with no technical knowledge needed, but first of all, what is Blogging and how is it different from vlogging?

A blog simply means an online journal or diary where stories, opinions, and other things are shared for people to read, and Over the years, Blogging has grown from a personal hobby into a career.

Now, what is a Vlog? well, this is simply a video blog. A blog is based on texts while a Vlog is strictly video, like YouTubers who are now called vloggers. I hope you get the point.

They share day to day activities of what they do and so on, you probably must have encountered a Vlogger who Vlogs about hair, food, phones tricks, gaming, cars and so on.

How to start a blog in Nigeria in 2020

You don’t necessarily need a webpage to Vlog, but as for Blog, yeah, you definitely do.

Know that some professional websites for businesses have a blog on their website where they keep their customers and client well informed about new products, new deals, information on events or conferences that might hold.

But that above is not what you want right? You don’t have a customer nor run a business, you just want to share stories and other things you love reading about, and then make money from it.

How to start a blog in 2020 in Nigeria

STEP 1 into learning how to start a blog in Nigeria

First of all, you have to choose a niche. A niche is a topic you would love to blog about and I know you already have one in mind, but let me still share some in order to have so many options to choose from.

  1. Technology
  2. Agriculture
  3. Beauty and Fashion
  4. Food
  5. Cars
  6. Insurance
  7. Health and Living
  8. Entrepreneurship and Business
  9. Gist and News
  10. Sport
  11. How to
  12. Religion
  13. Education and school
  14. Tips and tricks
  15. web development
  16. Inspiration and other write-ups

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You can choose a niche from the above-listed niches, and make sure it is what you love reading about because if it isn’t, it will be boring to you, you won’t understand the keywords (we will get into that as we learn) and there won’t be any motivation nor passion behind it which will make you give up blogging easily.

So I will kindly ask you not to start a blog at all if you don’t have an interest in any topic.

Think well about what you really want and make some research about it if necessary. Do this before going to the next topic on Blogging 103: How to choose a blogging platform in Nigeria (2020).

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