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How to save data on iPhone

I have heard most iPhone users complain only about the way their phone consumes their data within a short period of time after renewal of data.

Well, I’d say it all depend on how active an iPhone user is on social platforms like twitter, Instagram, Tiktok, and others like YouTube, Soundcloud, and other streaming platform.

Some iPhone users don’t do all this and their monthly plan still get exhausted before the 2 weeks of subscription which is really annoying at times, while on the other end, an iPhone user can be active in all those listed social platforms and still conserve data till expiry date or some days before.

Here is how to save data on iPhone

Network Type

Firstly, Selecting 3G networks is good but 4G is better according to Nigerian carriers but there is something I want us to adopt, if you know you have a very strong signal strength in your area on 3G, please leave it be.

Putting it to 4G will only increase the speed but both will get the job very fast but 4G s faster.

Tweaking some settings too could get iPhone to consume less data.

The following tips will help save data on your iPhone.

Limit the data used in the background by apps

Apps use up data when available without your consent by default and statistically, it has been one of the largest data users on all mobile phones.

Anytime a user gets connected to the internet, they start refreshing on their own, updating themselves and at times give notifications if it a news app.

They pop up in your notification panel to serve latest feeds just like WhatsApp serves you the messages you missed when you were not online. To limit the apps that uses your data, follow these steps;

Go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh > Background App Refresh

You get to see three options; (i) off (ii) wi-fi (iii) wi-fi & cellular dataSelect if you want everything off which I don’t recommend because of some messaging apps, but I’ll recommend you select the apps you want to turn off.

how to save data on iphone

Wi-Fi Assist

This is one is highly recommended to be off, why? This function allows your iPhone to automatically and deliberately use your cellular even when connected to the Wi-Fi.

Here is how to turn off the Wi-Fi assist function;

Go to settings > cellular and then move down to find Wi-Fi Assist and turn it off.

how to save data on iphone

Auto Download

I guess we already know what this does. Leaving this feature on will drain your data massively when there are downloading pending and app updates. To turn this feature off, follow these steps;

Go to Settings > iTunes & App stores > and turn off cellular data.

how to save data on iphone

iCloud Drive

This is Apple Inc. version of the popular Google drive for storing documents for future purpose across all connected IOS and MacOS devices.

This app uses cellular data to make sure the files are available for download at all times. To turn this off, follow the basic steps below;

Go to Settings > cellular and scroll down to iCloud Drive, then just turn it off if you don’t have any documents on it.

View current data usage

It good to always monitor your apps to check which one is consuming more data and why, plus most apps uses cellular data to connect to the internet while some wait for Wi-Fi connection to get updated.

Restricting some apps from using cellular data can be good also. To do this;

Go to Settings > cellular > cellular data.

The apps restricted will only be able to use data over Wi-Fi connections.

Recommended apps to control

  • Photo apps
  • Music apps
  • Tv apps
how to save data on iphone

Reading list

If you are a safari browsing app lover and you need to conserve data from using it, then kindly turn off the feature that allows it to download for offline reading. To do this;

Go to Settings >Safari and switch off ‘Automatically Save Offlin’.

To turn off auto-play on safari ; read this

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