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How to protect your Facebook account from getting hacked

How to protect your Facebook account from getting hacked

by Matthew John AlexOctober 19, 2018

Many of us have fallen a victim of our Facebook account being hacked and then corrupted by posting in-descent things on our timeline and to the public at large. Well try this steps and protect your account for life.

This step will allow us to develop an authorization PIN that will be sent to our mobile number to enable us log-in to our Facebook account.

Easy steps to avoid Facebook account being hacked 

  • Log in to your desired Facebook account
  • Go to settings or follow this link
  • Then Security and Login
  • Under Two-factor authentication, click Edit Two-factor authentication
  • Fill in the necessary form and you are good to go.
You can further change your phone number that receives the authorization PIN and additional security measures can also be adopted like
  • App password: This uses a special password to help log into your Facebook when using the App instead of the normal Facebook password and login PIN.
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