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How to maintain your Phone always

How to maintain your Phone always

by Matthew John AlexOctober 15, 2018

Gadgets maintenance is very important just like we maintain our room. In this article are basic things to do in order to have our mobile phones and Tablets in good condition, always.


Everyone wants his or her mobile/tablet to last long before they could think of getting another one or probably give it out but we wouldn’t wanna give out bad gadgets to someone nor buy a new phone and after some months, it breaks down. It might actually be from the factory at times but in most cases, we cause the breakdown of our gadgets. 


Below are the things that need to be done/considered to give your mobile phone or tablet a long life.


  • Do not expose your phone to too much sunlight or water

If by accident your phone falls into water, do not turn it on immediately, dry it up by wiping the water off the physical parts that you can see then take it to a phone repair shop for internal drying and this is to avoid any internal electrical burn when it is turned on immediately.  

If by chance you spill some water on your mobile phone/tablet, or got under the rain with your gadget in your pocket, kindly power off the first, remove the battery for phones that have a removable battery to avoid water damaging the circuit boards.

Do not dry your phone under the sun nor with a hairdryer.

  • Do not try to open up your phone with a knife or other tools
  • Always keep your phone or tablet accessories away from children.
  • Do not keep your phone where it dusty
  • Avoid keeping your phone where there is heat

If you are a fan of charging your phone and still placing it on-top another electrical device that produces heat e.g TV, DVD, LAPTOP and e.t.c or on the bed, chair, e.t.c Please stop as this can damage the battery cells, or melt down some soft plastic part of the phone internally if the heat is much, and if by chance the heating temperature got leveled up enough, moisture will be formed inside the mobile or tablet which will result in the breakdown or damage of the electrical circuit board. 

Learn to put your phone where the battery won’t get heated, turn the phone over if placed on house furniture.

  • Learn not to throw your mobile phones or tablets around or shake always, as this might cause some damages in the circuit and screen. 
  • We want to see our phones clean always, yes I know but using cleaning strong chemicals and detergents is not good. 

Learn to use a slightly wet soft cloth or tissue.

  • Avoid using your phone with an existing damaged part or problem
  • Buy the original case fit for your phone to protect it properly instead of waiting for an accident to happen. Prevention is better than cure. 
  • Do not by any chance put your mobile phone or tablet near a magnetic object as this could damage your gadget speaker. we all know speakers are made of magnetic objects.
  • Avoid sharing chargers and connecting to a faulty socket
  • Avoid overcharging your mobile phone and tablet
  • Avoid Loading your mobile phones or tablet with apps

Always uninstall the apps that are inactive on your as it occupies space and also clearing the cache of some apps. This helps your gadgets perform fast, not hanging when you need to multitask and perform some heavy task, although it depends on the size of RAM of your phone/tablet.

If you know your phone or tablet RAM is not enough to occupy a large number of apps, always perform the task above and below.

Go to settings apps click on the app clear cache

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