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Blogging103: How to drive traffic to your blog in 2020

Blogging103: How to drive traffic to your blog in 2020

by Matthew John AlexApril 25, 2020

Getting traffic to your blog is the next thing you should focus on after creating great content on your blogs. Tips on how to drive traffic to your blog in 2020 should help get what you want.

It is sometime tiring when you put so much effort into writing a blog post and it just there with no one reading it, no views, no comments (doesn’t really matter at most times), but do not worry, you are here because you needed a solution and good news is, yes we have it.

Below are the best tips on how to drive traffic to your blog in 2020
Sharing to Social Media channels

Driving traffic to your blog posts through this channel is known as a referral and it is one of the best ways to drive everlasting traffic. Social media like Facebook generate more traffic for bloggers and how is that?

First, create a unique Facebook page because you are building your blog to become a brand and a brand needs a page. Invite your friends and families to like your new page, and encourage them to always help you share your blog post.

Secondly, Facebook allows page owners to create a business ad account that allows them to boost their blog posts to the right audience at a cheap price.

All that said, now to the freeways to generate at least 100 page views per day and more if you have more than 5 posts a day.

The easiest way to do this without paying is to join groups that best suit your niche, what do I mean? There are thousands or probably millions of groups on Facebook with their admins spread across the world.

All you have to do is, go to the FB search and input your niche name + group, for example; News groups, food groups, sports groups, inspirational groups, education News groups, music groups, and so on.

Post on the groups every day and respond to the comments you get. Shorten your URL when you want to post on Facebook with Bitly and if you want to use your notice link too, it is allowed, just erase it after pasting as Facebook will cache it and will no longer need the link to be there for redirection.

Facebook will still display the link in the preview to show that the link pasted is not needed. check out our newly created Facebook page for our news blog to see samples of how to share a post on Facebook.

Join my Facebook group to reach an audience: Naijanews360 You are free to post any niche post.

Please hit the follow button, give us a review and invite all in the community section. Thank You !!!.

Still on how to drive traffic to your blog in 2020

Sharing to Forums

This is also known as referral traffic. Always submit your articles or blog post to any forum you and one of the biggest in Africa is The benefits of this is that;

Nairaland will appear on Google search engine whenever a keyword matching what you have in the post that you submitted is being searched for, another one is the backlink you will get. People will view your posts in the forum and all you have to do is leave a link to read more of the blog post you shared.

Tips: Do not paste all the Infos in the forum, always leave a link they can visit to read the full article. The post below got over 4.5k views and I got over 2k visitor from Nairaland to my blog.

how to drive traffic to your blog in 2020

If you want to confirm my above statement, kindly search for “First Phone With An Angle Notch Screen” and see for yourself.

Please kindly subscribe down below for updates on blogging tips and other development we might like to share with you. Comment if this article is detailed enough and if it helped. Thank you for reading, #Peace.

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