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Artificial Intelligence (AI) To Take Surveillance To Another Level

CCTV has been a way of monitoring our property, a way of watching out for ourselves and I think of CCTV’s or surveillance camera as digital eyes watching out for us but they are only effective if someone is looking through them i.e someone watching live footage from multiple video feeds.

The world is turning into a digital world day by day and now AI (Artificial Intelligence) is growing and it is integrated on almost all devices that we use every day ranging from our cars to computers, smartphones, tablets, smartwatches and so on.

Let’s take for instance, surveillance cameras are given digital brains through Artificial intelligence (AI) to match their digital eyes, allowing them to scrutinize live footage without human watching, this might be a great achievement and a good news  because it will help the security agencies like the police task force to detect crimes and cause of accidents easily but we all know should know it might also pose some threats or problems and also raise some certain questions about privacy and so on.

IC Realtime launched a product and was billed as Google for CCTV, the product is named “Ella”. It an app and it also operates on a web platform and it basically uses AI to inspect actions in video feeds and makes it immediately searchable. Ella can identify thousands of language and it allows users to search footage to find clips showing specific things according to the search query like.

“Let’s say there’s a robbery and you don’t really know what happened,” says Matt Sailor the CEO of IC Realtime. “But there was a Jeep Wrangler speeding east afterward. So we go in, we search for ‘Jeep Wrangler,’ and there it is.” On-screen, clips begin to populate the feed, showing different Jeep Wranglers gliding past. This will be the first big advantage of combining AI and CCTV, explains Matt Sailor: making it easy to find what you’re looking for. “Without this technology, you’d know nothing more than your camera, and you’d have to sift through hours and hours and hours of video,” he says.

Boulder AI is one such startup, selling “vision as a service” using its own standalone AI cameras. The big advantage of integrating AI into the device is that they don’t require an internet connection to work. Boulder sells to a wide range of industries, tailoring the machine vision systems it builds to individual clients. “The applications are really all over the board,” founder Darren Odom tells The Verge. “Our platform’s sold to companies in banking, energy.

Source: The Verge

Comment some of the things you think can be achieved by Integrating AI with CCTV cameras.

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