Samsung Finally Announced it own Foldable Smartphone

Samsung long proposed Smartphone that can be folded into half has finally been announced on yesterday, Nov 7, 2018. The tablet-smartphone device has been making headlines for weeks now and with Royole FlexPai stealing the show of becoming the first actual producer to launch a device.

Check out Royole FlexPai foldable tablet-smartphone

What do we call Samsung Foldable device? Well, Samsung calls it the "Infinity Flex Display" which is to feature a 7.3-inch display in it tablet mode and it folds up like a candy bar with a cover display that acts as a phone having a 4.5-inch display.

Google is proudly supporting this new technology by working with Samsung to achieve a nice and awesome user experience when it comes to the apps on the foldable device by providing guidance to programmers/developers to use existing features to support the new device.

Image from The Verge

Samsung has only given us a small view of how the hybrid device will look like and it display features.

Display specs Phone View Tablet View
Display Size 4.5 inch 7.3 inch
Display Resolution 1960 x 840 2152 x 1536
Pixel Density 420 PPI 420 PPI
Aspect Ratio 21:9 4:2:3

Samsung to launch a new feature called " Multi-Active Window" where three apps can be operated on the same screen which is awesome.

Samsung is not the only electronics company working on a flexible screen device, we have Huawei, LG, Lenovo and Xiaomi and others are also working towards achieving this technology. Samsung Infinity Flex device will start a mass production next and the Samsung Infinity Flex price in Nigeria will be very high but affordable because of Location.

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