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15 dangerous Android apps that are being used to spy on you

15 dangerous Android apps that are being used to spy on you

by Matthew John AlexFebruary 13, 2020

There has been a warning from VPN PRO to android users that these dangerous Android apps with over 350 million users have recently been used to collect user’s data, and because of the info, Google has actually deleted these popular apps that are used every day by users from the play store but these apps can not be deleted remotely from your phone.

These dangerous Android apps listed below have a high potential of being used to monitor users and extract user data. There are several apps out there that are used in spying on its users by taking photos of users, having access to their biometric data, gaining access to call logs, passwords, emails and social media accounts.

some of these apps are camera apps that we used in beautifying out shots, games, battery optimization apps, VPN, and e.t.c

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Here are the 15 dangerous Android apps
This is a word crossing game
This app helps in clearning junk files with antivirus to fight against unwanted files
Helps in battery optimization and cooling of the battery
A mini soccer game
A puzzle game of segmented image re-arrangent to make it whole
This helps manage wi-fi, save data and put up wi-fi security
This app customize UI of the app the drawer and features a private safe to hide apps
This app serves as an antivirus, phone booster by cleaning junk files
This is drilling game
This is an app for date and it can also use your email to syn your Google calendar plus it comes with an Horoscope
This is a media app to view images and videos
A camera app with extra effects if you don't like the effects on your primary camera app
A we broswer that helps in securing untraceble connection like using VPN
This is a web browser with trending news tab like chrome, features private browsing tab and data saving feature.
Cleans junk files to boast phone, antivirus, battery optimization by cooling CPU, and wi-fi security

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